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The Story of Hudson, Part II

I knew that I didn’t want Hudson to be like a typical call center. I wanted to be customer centric, making our reputation and profits based on how much we helped customers and exceeded their expectations. When I started Hudson and took the first tech support account, I didn’t intend to be in the “call…


Story of Hudson Software, Part I

How Hudson Software became the preferred choice for Technical Support and QA services In 1987 I found myself unemployed in the New York area, with a house, a wife, a baby, a dog, and a mortgage. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, I had been happily and fully employed for years working at various…

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Time to Resolution

A few posts back we had talked about one of the most commonly used tech support statistics, First Call Resolution and how it can be subject to abuse.  Another important statistic in the tech support world is Time to Resolution, or more simply Resolution Time, but abbreviated TTR. Resolution time is just what it sounds…


Defining Outsourcing

What does outsourcing really mean for your business? Outsourcing is a relatively simple idea, but one that can often seem divisive. This is frequently due to confusion and disagreement surrounding the very definition of outsourcing. Entrepreneur defines outsourcing simply as, “The practice of having certain job functions done outside a company instead of having an…

Customer Delight

Delight and Tech Support

Tech Support: Delight or Fright? Does it pay to delight your customers with great technical support or customer service? An article recently published on the Zendesk blog is titled, Why delighting customers doesn’t pay caught our attention. Since we like delighting customers, we read the article carefully. The conventional wisdom is that the way to…