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What is Hudson Software?

For over three decades, Hudson Software has stood as a trusted ally, providing essential services to empower software developers for success and profitability. Our journey began with large traditional publishers, crafting supplementary products for textbooks and ancillary print materials. Today, our client list boasts traditional publishers, diverse technology companies, and dynamic software publishers, showcasing our adaptability.

Bolstered by a seasoned team deeply rooted in computer technology, we bring extensive experience working with developers and publishers across various industries. Our expertise spans comprehensive hardware and software support, with agents adept at troubleshooting complex problems organically, steering clear of scripted responses and generic solutions.

Our enduring client relationships, spanning a decade or more, speak volumes about our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. At Hudson Software, we don’t just solve problems; we actively avoid creating them. Join us to embark on a partnership dedicated to elevating your development journey.

Exterior image of Hudson Software in Elmsford, located just 25 miles north of New York City – our primary location for providing outsourced technical support and quality assurance services.

Our Agents

Rejecting the Offshoring Approach
Bear Mountain Bridge, spanning the Hudson River, inspires the name of Hudson Software. Nestled in the scenic Hudson Valley, we provide premium outsourced technical support, tech support, Quality Assurance, self-service portals and management, and a range of other outsourced services.

Hudson Software understands the complex demands of customer support. We firmly believe that offshoring, despite its potentially attractive cost savings, may always fall short in delivering the high-quality support that businesses and customers expect. Hudson Software stands apart as a dedicated domestic support provider.

Furthermore, we are a company that hires our own agents. Unlike the unfortunate industry standard of subcontracting to smaller providers or staffing agencies, Hudson Software’s work is our own. This ensures that every agent representing your brand is aligned with our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of support and accountability, and is capable of providing high-quality support that’s worth the investment.

Our Mission

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    To function seemlessly as part of your team

    Allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies

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    To boost your sales through exceptional customer interactions

    Competent technical support with meticulous tracking of customer issues, facilitating more reliable product improvements.

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    To help you find any issues in your software before release

    Providing you the opportunity to identify and fix any problems before they ever reach your customers.

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    To ensure that your customers receive high-quality support

    Customers that are helped promptly and effectively will remember that your company was there for them.

Our History

The Story of Hudson Software
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Story of Hudson Software, Part I

How Hudson Software became the preferred choice for Technical Support and QA services In 1987 I found myself unemployed in the New York area, with a house, a wife, a baby, a dog, and a mortgage. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, I had been happily and fully employed for years working at various…

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The Story of Hudson, Part II

I knew that I didn’t want Hudson to be like a typical call center. I wanted to be customer centric, making our reputation and profits based on how much we helped customers and exceeded their expectations. When I started Hudson and took the first tech support account, I didn’t intend to be in the “call…

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Our Services

How Hudson Software Can Help

What services do software publishers need? Two services have become dominant: Technical Support and Quality Assurance Testing.

Technical Support

As the number of published software and users increases, the importance of tech support for publishers becomes critical. User satisfaction relies on successful software experiences. Hence, resolving issues promptly and preventing unhappy users from impacting future sales are vital roles of quality technical support. Effective tech support must swiftly identify actual problems, escalating information to the publisher for quick bug fixes.

Quality Assurance Testing

To minimize tech support costs and potential damage or embarrassment, thorough testing of all software is essential. Hudson’s Quality Assurance (QA) testing offers a rigorous and disciplined examination of your software’s critical functions across various operating systems and browsers. Above all, Hudson QA testing assists in ensuring there are no embarrassing bugs in your software.

Technical Support
Technical Support
Discover a tailored solution for your technical support needs. Whether you require a comprehensive approach covering all levels of support across multiple channels or a team to complement your existing support personnel, we're here to partner with you in managing your customer care.
Quality Assurance
We approach QA Testing with a commitment to personalized, high-touch service that aligns with your business needs. Whether you're a technical support client or working with us for the first time, our focus remains on delivering quality solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our Location

Hudson Software is privately owned, with headquarters located at 3 West Main Street, Elmsford, NY.
Discover Hudson Software's prime location on the map – your trusted destination for Outsourced Tech Support, Quality Assurance, and exceptional tech solutions.


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