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Who is Hudson Software?

For more than 30 years, Hudson Software has provided crucial services to help software developers be more successful and profitable.  Our earliest clients were large traditional publishers who were producing supplementary products to go with their textbooks and ancillary print materials.  Today our client list includes traditional publishers, large and small technology companies, and small entrepreneurial software publishers.

Our team has extensive experience in the computer technology fields and we have worked with developers and publishers from a wide range of industries.  We have experience with hardware and software support, and our agents are accustomed to troubleshooting difficult problems without the need for script based answers and canned responses.

Several of our clients have been with Hudson for more than a decade.  These relationships point to our operating philosophy:  we always try to exceed the client’s expectations. We solve problems for clients—we never create them.

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Our Mission

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    To function seemlessly as part of your team

    So that you can focus on your core competencies

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    To help you increase your sales through stellar customer interactions and comprehensive tracking of customer issues

    Thereby allowing for more reliable product improvements.

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    To help you find any issues in your software before release

    Giving you the opportunity to identify and fix any problems before they ever reach your customers.

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    To insure that your customers receive high quality support

    Customers that are helped promptly and effectively will remember that your company was there for them.

Our History

The Story of Hudson Software
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Story of Hudson Software, Part I

How Hudson Software became the preferred choice for Technical Support and QA services In 1987 I found myself unemployed in the New York area, with a house, a wife, a baby, a dog, and a mortgage. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, I had been happily and fully employed for years working at various…

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The Story of Hudson, Part II

I knew that I didn’t want Hudson to be like a typical call center. I wanted to be customer centric, making our reputation and profits based on how much we helped customers and exceeded their expectations. When I started Hudson and took the first tech support account, I didn’t intend to be in the “call…

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Our Services

How Hudson Software Can Help

What services do software publishers need?  Two services have become dominant:  Technical Support and Quality Assurance Testing.

Technical Support

The more software published, and the more users, the more tech support has become critical for publishers.  Users must be successful with software to be satisfied customers. Therefore, solving problems quickly and assuring that unhappy users don’t threaten future sales are key functions of quality technical support.  Good tech support must quickly identify actual problems and escalate the information back to the publisher, so bugs can be fixed quickly.

Quality Assurance Testing

To minimize tech support cost and possible damage and embarrassment, all software needs to be tested.  Hudson’s Quality Assurance (QA) testing provides a rigorous disciplined test of your software’s critical functions in a matrix of different operating systems and / or browsers. Above all, Hudson QA testing helps you ensure there are no embarrassing bugs in your software.

Technical Support
Technical Support
Whether you need a comprehensive solution, covering all levels of technical support across multiple channels, or a team to supplement the strengths of your existing support personnel, we will partner with you to manage your customer care.
Quality Assurance
We approach QA Testing with the same commitment to personalized, high touch service that meets your business needs, whether you are a technical support client or whether you are working with us for the first time.

Our Location

Hudson Software is privately owned, with headquarters located at 3 West Main Street, Elmsford, NY.
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