Customers who are comfortable with the technology often prefer to look up solutions at their own convenience, especially if they have had negative experiences with technical support in the past. Among your less technically-inclined customers, even those who would prefer to speak to an agent directly, the presence of a self-help knowledge base or online community is a mark in your company’s favor. Many customers see an up to date, easy to use self-help site as an indication that you stand behind your software and want to give your customers everything they need to have a positive experience with your products. Self help can complement other support channels at the beginning of a product life cycle, or can stand alone as a cost effective solution for products at the end of their life span, which are no longer generating profit.

With Hudson, you can have as much or as little involvement with this self service channel as you like. If you would prefer not to spend internal time and talent on writing and revising content, Hudson will draw on our technical support interactions with your customers to keep your knowledge base current. On the other hand, if you wish to be more engaged and take an active role in contributing or reviewing articles, we welcome your participation and will help you get the data and the tools to begin, and work with you as needed.
By maintaining the knowledge base based on past interactions and incorporating your contributions, we ensure that the information provided to your customers remains relevant and useful. This collaborative approach maximizes the effectiveness of the FAQ site and enhances the overall customer experience.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about our work with Self Service Centers and Customer Support Portals.


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