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Technical Support

Whether you need a comprehensive solution, covering all levels of technical support across multiple channels, or a team to supplement the strengths of your existing support personnel, we will partner with you to manage your customer care.Learn More »

Quality Assurance Testing

We approach Quality Assurance with the same commitment to personalized, high touch service that meets your business needs, whether you are a technical support client or whether you are working with us for the first time.

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Self Service

Many customers see an up to date, easy to use self-help site as an indication that you stand behind your software and want to give your customers everything they need to have a positive experience with your products.

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Technical Support is not a Commodity

A commodity is a product for which there is no qualitative difference between providers.

When it comes to Technical Support, however, not all vendors are created equal.

The time your customers spend communicating with support might be the only direct contact they have with you, and it comes at a time when they have encountered a problem. As a consequence, numbers and statistics are not the only part of the equation to consider.


  • Agents

    Our agents are simply the best. We require everyone to pass hands-on, oral, and written tests. Your customers will have their call answered by a technician who is familiar with your products and able to resolve their problem.
  • US Based Support

    A US based agent will have the cultural awareness to read your customer’s signals and better assess the situation, knowing that there are times when it is appropriate to dispense with overly formal language and prioritize your customer’s immediate needs.

  • Unlimited Products

    There are no contractual changes needed to add products or make changes, nor are there any fees that have to be paid. Even if you forget to tell us that you are launching them, we will add them to our system the first time a customer calls.

  • Experts

    You will never talk to a sales rep who says he is there to help you, but doesn’t know the details of your product line. You can talk to any of your agents, your Lead Agent, Operations Manager, or the President of our company at any time.

  • Reporting

    Our comprehensive tracking of customer issues gives you insight needed for more reliable product improvements. The data is available to you live, and our flexible, real-time reporting tools are there to keep your stakeholders informed.

  • Flexibility

    There are no “per-agent” fees, and you are not restricted to a fixed number of agents. We monitor volume and manage staffing levels accordingly, without any additional charges or the need for any contractual changes.

Why choose a call center in the United States?

We’ve heard our clients express their frustrations with lower cost offshore solutions.  Many times the the high costs of unresolved problems and angry customers have offset any potential savings.  Your company’s success in outsourcing technical support will depend on the partner you choose.  Hudson Software is located in the United States and we only use U.S. based agents.  While offshore call centers may offer a greater upfront cost reduction, there are many more factors to consider in your decision.
  • Intuitive Balance

    Offshore agents are trained to be courteous above all else, but they might be so focused on being polite that it takes several minutes just to get through the pleasantries. This will add to the frustrations of customers who now feel that their valuable time is being wasted, especially if the agent comes off as insincere. A US based agent will have the cultural awareness to read your customer’s signals and better assess the situation, knowing that there are times when it is appropriate to dispense with overly formal language and prioritize your customer’s immediate needs.

  • Internal Focus

    Most offshore centers will need you to be heavily involved in training the agents who will answer your customer’s calls. Your resources may be required for other internal matters as well. Training support agents can be tedious, and with valuable internal resources tied up in handling training and personnel matters at your offsite call center, your cost reduction is diminished as well.

  • Flexibility

    If your offshore center’s model involves a set number of trained agents who handle your calls, and other personnel at that center have little to no awareness of your products or customer base, what will happen in the event of a server outage or other emergency situation? Because the number of agents is fixed, wait times will climb as your call volume spikes. There may be no way to handle the issue until the damage has already been done.

``It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.``

Warren Buffett

Why outsource your Quality Assurance testing?

The reason is simple: your reputation is on the line. Our Quality Assurance team wants to work with you to make sure that the issues in your software are found and fixed before they ever reach your customers. We design our test plan with your products and your end users in mind.

  • Objectivity

    When a programmer tests his own work, or creates the test plans that inexperienced staff will use for testing, he will naturally focus on the areas of the program that he knows and has worked on. He can’t test for use cases he’s overlooked in development, simply because he doesn’t know about them. If he knew to include those areas in testing, those errors wouldn’t have made it into the software at all.

  • Time

    Software developers frequently complain of overwork and struggle to meet deadlines. Testing is far too often overlooked in the effort to release the product on time; this can be a costly mistake to your reputation when the software does not meet expectations. A flexible, third party testing organization can make all the difference in managing your time during the last, crucial stage of development. With an outsourced group focusing their efforts on testing, developers are free to work where you really need them: making fixes.

  • Equipment

    Often, developers are limited in the number of different operating systems or devices they can use to test. Your software vendor may be blind to errors that will affect key segments of your user base, because the programmers don’t have access to the newest iPhone or latest version of Windows. Or, you may have developers working on custom-made, cutting edge systems, who never think about the struggles of your end users on more modest computers. An outsourced quality assurance partner has the ability to test in a variety of environments.


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What Our Clients and Their Customers Are Saying…
  • Luckily we located Hudson Software…. After 4 years of working with them we whole-heartedly give them a 120% recommendation. They answer our 800 phone as well as all our email. The majority of our 1200+ users don’t require assistance due to the simplicity of our software and the documentation; however, there are always those that do. They have a wide range of computer skills and Hudson helps everyone from the most naive to expert users, and on all Mac and Windows operating systems.

    We have received many compliments on our tech support from Hudson Software. Without them we wouldn’t have the time to work on our upgrades. Extra pluses: They provide the support more efficiently than we do…They are proactive in offering suggestions for updating the software, the manual and our website. Also they are great in testing any upgrades. I strongly advocate that you add Hudson Software to your list.

    Patricia Carney
    President and Owner of Ginkgo Software
  • I called the 800 number listed on the inside cover of the manual and got as fine service as I have ever received from tech support for any program (and better than the vast majority of such experiences). Karen was efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant, and patient. I could not have asked for more … and had expected considerably less. The experience converted an overwhelmingly frustrating experience into a thoroughly pleasant and productive experience.

    Robert A. Becklund
    College of Marin, Department of History
  • Rebecca, I just want you to know that I had a small issue downloading the book, but Andrew and Cameron in Tech Support help me out. They were very, very patient with my slowness. Bests techs I have seen with a publishing company and I have worked with a few.

    Faculty, University of Maryland
  • …all of us here continue to be quite happy with the work Hudson has done and are impressed with the quality of our many discussions over the past three years. If you are ever called upon to submit a recommendation to a potential customer, please don’t hesitate to refer them to me. I would be most happy to tell them of our experiences with your company.

    Mark Cummings
    Vice President and Publisher, Grolier Online
  • I am writing to notify you of Andrew’s exemplary work with me on the phone yesterday afternoon.

    A significant problem has occurred with student access to the Stats Portal because of a broken Assignments tab. We have received many complaints about the professor from students in our on-line Statistics course.

    Through Andrew’s work, I was able to understand the professor’s role in the situation and, more importantly, the nuances of the situation itself. Furthermore, Andrew explained ways to work around the broken Assignments tab so that these students can make up past work and continue with the course.

    Because of Andrew’s excellent problem-solving and explanations, I was able to resolve the issue quickly and satisfactorily for both the students and the professor. For this, I am grateful.

    Sales Representative
    Publishing Client
  • Thanks for your quick attention to this. Just so you know, my take on this is that mistakes on both our ends are inevitable and to date there have been many, many more made by us than by you. Frankly, I’m a little relieved to realize you guys are actually human. Don’t forget that we are extremely HAPPY customers of yours. My expectation is not that glitches will never occur but that when they do we work through them together, refining processes that are clearly already working.

    Reid Sherline
    Vice President, Director of Electronic Products, Bedford, Freeman and Worth
  • I’m extremely happy with the service your company is providing. Greg has not only been responsive – he has been engaged. I’m anxious to meet you and your staff at some point. I’m very impressed.

    New Client
  • Hudson has provided TS services for McGraw-Hill Professional for about 15 years. I have personally managed Hudson for the past 12 years. Over this period, their responsibilities have grown exponentially. Hudson supports all of our electronic products (CD-ROM’s), software, eBooks (encrypted), and customer support for all of our Online Subscription Sites (almost 10 in all)…

    Hudson’s staff is extremely advanced (technically speaking), courteous, and detail oriented. Glenn makes himself available at a moment’s notice to meet with us and discuss new and forthcoming projects whenever the need arises. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit Hudson’s offices and meet with their staff. Tech Support vendors are usually plagued by high employee turn-over rates however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Hudson, as the same primary representative has handled my account for the entire 12 years….

    John Henriquez
    Manager, Internet Development, McGraw-Hill Education
  • I looked over the tickets…your team in the [first] day provided far more useful support than my prior support group did in the entire last year!

    A new client’s email after switching over from another tech support provider
  • I have a unique [product] adoption at Brewton Parker in GA, and everything was new to the newly hired instructor. I had a misstep by not nudging him hard enough to do the Adopt Now form to get the class set up, and a frantic set of phone calls came in two days ago. Between my personally working the form with the professor and Chris’s guidance on how best to make this work fast, everything got done last night, but only because Chris followed it every step of the way including calling me on my cell at 6:30 PM to tell me that he personally set the course up, allowing me to call the professor on his way home telling him he would be up and running today.

    Sales Representative
    Publishing Client
  • I just spent considerable time being helped by Mario and he is magnificent! …. He really did a great job and got the OED working perfectly on my computer. I appreciate his help and his considerable expertise.Voice mail comment left by a customer to let a supervisor know about his experience being helped with the CD-ROM version of the Oxford English dictionary

    Customer Voicemail
    CD-ROM version of the Oxford English dictionary
  • The level of understanding and ability of the staff to think critically has always been a Hudson strength and it is one of the reasons we chose them not only for their support services but also for their quality assurance testing services. The professionalism and courtesy of the Hudson staff also meets our needs. We know this is the case for our customer as well, because we regularly survey our customers about their technical support experiences.

    Tina M. Desprez
    Director, Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Vista Higher Learning


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