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For more than 25 years, Hudson Software has provided crucial services to help software developers be more successful and profitable.  Today our client list includes traditional publishers, large and small technology companies, and small entrepreneurial software publishers.

On this site you can see all of our current available openings and apply for an opening that you feel you would be suited to.

If there are no suitable openings at this time you can still send your resume to and we can contact you if you meet our requirements at a later date.

Current Openings

Our hiring and screening process is designed to weed out technical types who like solving interesting technical problems, but who don’t communicate well, or don’t really like talking to people. People we hire have to be both good communicators and good problem-solvers.

Outsourcing Puzzle

The real accomplishment of a good Hudson agent is to solve the problem efficiently, while “holding the customer’s hand” and making that customer feel good. This requires a very distinct type of person, not just anybody who went to a certificate program and passed.

We embrace a collaborative working environment, with an emphasis on open space and accessibility among team members. Our agents are encouraged to work with and consult with each other when help is needed on a phone call or investigation.