It doesn’t take many complaints from customers to put your reputation in jeopardy.

The time your customers spend with tech support might be the only direct contact they have with you. And critically, it comes at a time when they have encountered a problem and need help fixing it.  Customers that are helped promptly and effectively remember that your company was there for them. And sometimes, that’s the difference between the next sale going to you or the competition.


We are a company with more than three decades experience providing quality, comprehensive technical support, customer service, and QA testing. Our management team has extensive experience in the computer technology fields and we have worked with software developers and publishers from a wide range of industries. In addition, we have an aggressive program of keeping up with new technology, so we are ready when customers call with new problems on new devices.

High Touch Service. High Quality Results.

Hudson believes in producing a “high-touch” service experience for your users.  This term, invented by Regis McKenna, describes a relationship where customers perceive that they have been given more (in service and in attention) then they expected.  They are “touched” positively by the service, and will remember the experience when it comes time to buy or recommend again.

Consider a few key points that set us apart from virtually all other Technical Support Call Centers…

We integrate with third party systems.

With Hudson, you don’t need to worry about your data being locked into one place. Our incident tracking software can update CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. We can create JIRA issues from support incidents. We can send Slack notifications, iOS notifications, or contact your CRM.  With an available REST Style Open API, we are capable of integrating with other data, applications, or e-mail providers.

Advanced tools and technology help our agents to work more efficiently.

An advanced mail parser. Powerful Business Process Automation software. Sentiment Analysis. API Controls. These are just some of the tools that we use to help resolve customer’s issues more quickly and efficiently.

Hudson handles all levels or tiers of tech support.

It is a complete service that will free up valuable resources at your company. We will solve your customer’s problems without lengthy delays and most importantly, without burdening you with escalations.

Critical issues that affect your company and products are dealt with immediately!

You can’t afford to have a major problem wait and we understand that.  We treat your business as we would treat our own.  When we see a problem that we feel you need to address right away, you will hear from us.

You can visit us, and speak directly with any of your agents, your lead agent or the tech support manager at any time.

You will never talk to a sales rep who says he is there to help you, but doesn’t know the details of your product line.
Technical Support Environment



Why choose a call center in the United States?

We’ve heard our clients express their frustrations with lower cost offshore solutions.  Many times the the high costs of unresolved problems and angry customers have offset any potential savings.  Your company’s success in outsourcing technical support will depend on the partner you choose.  Hudson Software is located in the United States and we only use U.S. based agents.  While offshore call centers may offer a greater upfront cost reduction, there are many more factors to consider in your decision.
Empire State Building
  • Intuitive Balance

    Offshore agents are trained to be courteous above all else, but they might be so focused on being polite that it takes several minutes just to get through the pleasantries. This will add to the frustrations of customers who now feel that their valuable time is being wasted, especially if the agent comes off as insincere. A US based agent will have the cultural awareness to read your customer’s signals and better assess the situation, knowing that there are times when it is appropriate to dispense with overly formal language and prioritize your customer’s immediate needs.

  • Internal Focus

    Most offshore centers will need you to be heavily involved in training the agents who will answer your customer’s calls. Your resources may be required for other internal matters as well. Training support agents can be tedious, and with valuable internal resources tied up in handling training and personnel matters at your offsite call center, your cost reduction is diminished as well.

  • Flexibility

    If your offshore center’s model involves a set number of trained agents who handle your calls, and other personnel at that center have little to no awareness of your products or customer base, what will happen in the event of a server outage or other emergency situation? Because the number of agents is fixed, wait times will climb as your call volume spikes. There may be no way to handle the issue until the damage has already been done.


  • Agents

    Our agents are simply the best. We require everyone to pass hands-on, oral, and written tests. Your customers will have their call answered by a technician who is familiar with your products and able to resolve their problem.
  • US Based Support

    A US based agent will have the cultural awareness to read your customer’s signals and better assess the situation, knowing that there are times when it is appropriate to dispense with overly formal language and prioritize your customer’s immediate needs.

  • Unlimited Products

    There are no contractual changes needed to add products or make changes, nor are there any fees that have to be paid. Even if you forget to tell us that you are launching them, we will add them to our system the first time a customer calls.

  • Experts

    You will never talk to a sales rep who says he is there to help you, but doesn’t know the details of your product line. You can talk to any of your agents, your Lead Agent, Operations Manager, or the President of our company at any time.

  • Reporting

    Our comprehensive tracking of customer issues gives you insight needed for more reliable product improvements. The data is available to you live, and our flexible, real-time reporting tools are there to keep your stakeholders informed.

  • Flexibility

    There are no “per-agent” fees, and you are not restricted to a fixed number of agents. We monitor volume and manage staffing levels accordingly, without any additional charges or the need for any contractual changes.

Channels of Support

Hudson offers a range of technical support channels and services.  We handle technical support requests for our clients via telephone, email, chat, and from tickets filled out in self-help portals.  You can offer all of these ways for a customer to communicate, or just some of them.  Companies make very specific choices in this area based on their perception of their customers (for example, how comfortable are the customers with self-help) and on cost issues.  The right mix is usually very specific to your company.  We are committed to understanding your business’s unique needs and providing the right combination of services to meet your goals.


Over the phone technical support remains the top preference of most customers even as use of other channels increases. Interactions over the phone have a higher rate of first contact resolution than other channels, which therefore contributes to the high satisfaction levels. And certainly, from a customer service standpoint, there is no substitute for a warm, friendly representative interacting with your customers in real time.

At Hudson, we are capable of handling all levels or “tiers” of Technical Support. It is a complete service that will free up valuable resources at your company. Your calls are answered by a technician who can actually help the customer, without having to rely on a script that may only frustrate callers. At the same time, many customers need to speak with someone sympathetic, who can provide assistance regardless of the customer’s level of technical skill. Your customers should not have to be technical experts themselves in order for a technician on the phone to understand their problem!

Our services offer you and your customers the gold-standard in “high touch” service. Whether they are engineers or educators, novice or expert, our goal is for your customers to end their support call surprised and pleased by the help they have received.


Email technical support services are the best option when live phone support is not permitted by your budget, or for products with minimal tech support needs.

If you have concerns about an overflowing support mailbox, consider setting up a simple web form instead. Anyone who has handled customer email knows that often, customers give vague or incomplete details in their email inquiries. Hudson will work with you to design a web form that collects the most needed information and sends it all to your agents via email. This boosts efficiency among support agents, and increases the chances that your customer’s issue can be resolved in a single response.

At Hudson, email and web inquiries are tracked carefully. After the customer’s problem is solved, their email is a valuable source of information to you. With the data we capture from your support requests, you can perform trend analysis, refine your web forms and documentation, and evaluate your products and services.


The chat environment represents a different set of challenges for technical support than customer service.  Remember that while a customer service or sales chat often begins with a positive or neutral experience- a customer who wants to make a purchase or learn more about your company- a technical support customer is likely to contact your agent because they have already encountered a problem. In that situation, they may be less forgiving of any potential difficulty that arises due to your chat technology.

Customers who prefer chat tend to be technologically aware and will expect a certain level of sophistication from your chat software. Among their likely expectations are an intuitive chat interface and the ability to move flexibly from chat to another support channel such as phone or email, without having to go over the same information a second time.

Our agents are highly trained and excellent communicators who will represent your company well across all channels of support, from the phone to the chat window.

Self Service

Customers who are comfortable with the technology often prefer to look up solutions at their own convenience.  Even customers who prefer help from a live support agent want to know whether you offer self-help resources online. An online knowledgebase demonstrates your commitment to giving them whatever they need in order to have a positive experience.  And it shows that you stand behind your software.

And, of course, a well-designed self-help option is the most efficient and the most cost effective of any support channel.

When you choose Hudson Software, you can have as much or as little control over your knowledgebase as you like.  If you would prefer to create and manage your own self-help knowledge, we will host the site and give you the tools and assistance you need to get started. Or, put our experienced team to work for you. We will monitor your customer activity and create relevant, effective content based on our interactions with your customers.


Objectivity. Flexibility. Quality.
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A self-help knowledge base for your customers.
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We want to hear from you!

You want the best for your company, and so do we.  Hudson is committed to understanding your business’s unique needs and providing the right combination of services to help you meet your goals.

Interested in hearing more? We encourage you to contact us and see how we can put our experience to work for you.

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